TWC has developed and instituted a unique program that provides each of our clients with results tailored to its individual needs. It is designed to maximize accurate and reliable results for each applicant. What makes TWC different?

Superior Training

A recognized expert in employment screening techniques and sources has designed the TWC internal training programs. Each TWC employee is given extensive training and follow-up instruction in the methods required to carry out his or her function within the organization.

Individual Programs for Each Client

TWC is a professional screening service that consults with your company to tailor the screening procedures to fit your existing programs, and to suggest improvements that comport with your budget.

Since 1997, companies have selected TWC’s national and international employment screening services to assist them in attaining a qualified and safe workforce. TWC provides not only employee screening services, but also partners with your company to ensure that you are implementing the fraud prevention techniques that can raise your bottom line and protect your customers or clients.

Personal Service

Each of TWC’s clients is assigned a Staff Manager with whom the client may interface. When our clients need special attention, we provide it. Your Staff Manager handles a limited number of accounts, and so is familiar with you, your applicants, and the needs of your organization. While we are firmly committed to customer service, you are considered a client rather than a customer. When you call us, you are not connected with a customer service representative, but are immediately routed to your Staff Manager.

You can also talk to the boss. The President of TWC makes time for each client. If your Staff Manager cannot solve your problem, you are transferred to the person who designed and implemented the TWC program. Your request or concern will be handled immediately and professionally.