TWC has been in operation since 1997. TWC’s President, Barbara W. Thompson, is a former attorney who has been specializing in investigative research and analysis for the past ten years. She has become known in various industries as an expert, and has been asked to speak throughout the United States about due diligence research.

After leaving the practice of law, Thompson worked for seven years as an instructor for an international publisher of tax and business law books. She then worked for three years as a District Manager for a CDB Infotek, now known as Choicepoint, the major public records database company. Following that, she was the Director of Research and Analysis for an international investigative company, whereupon she established TW Consulting, Inc. Shortly thereafter, she established the investigative company, The Worldwide Investigative Network, L.L.C., which conducts due diligence, fraud and money-laundering investigations, and provides security and protective services internationally. TWC has been operational since 1997, and has grown consistently and exponentially.

Thompson continuously explores employee screening options and keeps up-to-date with 1) the law as it applies to employment screening; 2) the best and most reliable sources for information; and 3) the most economical ways to obtain that information. As a result, TWC will design a program to ensure that you are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws. TWC can help you to develop the most accurate and comprehensive screening process that will meet your budgetary requirements.