Competitive pressures, employee theft, workplace violence, and growing legal risks have made it a necessity to select the right employee every time. A careful review of an applicant’s history before hiring provides the information necessary both to predict future performance and to prevent internal fraud. Selecting a candidate with an undiscovered history of fraud, criminal behavior, or poor work habits places your company’s employees, assets, and reputation at risk.

Nearly all organizations recognize that their employees are their most important resources. TW Consulting, Inc. (TWC) can show you the most effective methods for screening prospective employees to give you greater confidence in hiring honest, reliable, and fully-qualified personnel. Employee screening will help your company:

  • Protect against claims of negligence in the hiring process.
  • Reduce losses from employee theft or fraud.
  • Take preventive steps against workplace violence.
  • Improve your employee quality and turnover.

TWC provides a variety of employee screening options. These options are designed to provide your company with the most accurate and comprehensive screening processes that conform to your budget.


Since 1997, companies have selected TWC’s national and international pre-employment screening services to assist them in attaining a qualified and safe workforce. Our professional consultants design employment screening programs to meet your specific needs and budget considerations.